DIMMID, Inc is an American trading company, successfully promoting and distributing high quality chemicals in the US and internationally.

DIMMID was established in 1992. We are headquartered in New York City, and have several other U.S. locations.

Since 1996 DIMMID has enjoyed extensive access to the chemical industry and become engaged in distribution of high quality chemicals and polymers worldwide.

Concentrating its efforts on the marketing and trading of fine chemicals and polymers, DIMMID has become a solid bridge linking chemical manufacturers in countries such as Korea, Japan, China, Russia, India, and consumers in the US and all around the world. Today DIMMID has a well-established reputation for supplying a relatively compact range of fine chemicals and polymers.

Since 2005 we have supplied domestic customers with materials stocked in warehouses in Newark, Savannah, Houston, Los Angeles, Columbus, Miami.

We have enjoyed caring for many local end-users and distributors, providing for their needs not covered by major manufacturers.

This is our niche. You are welcome here.